Developing an Assessment Framework for Affordable and Sustainable Housing

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Stephen Pullen
Michael Arman
George Zillante
Jian Zuo
Nicholas Chileshe
Lou Wilson


Sustainable housing has been subject to research, practice and policy making for some considerable time. More recently attention has been drawn to the separate problem of declining affordability in housing. This paper describes research aimed at developing an assessment framework for both affordability and sustainability as part of the effort to incorporate both of these features into new housing projects. The research has a particular focus on developments aimed at urban densification. Background literature on both affordability and sustainability is reviewed as well as emerging schemes aimed at dealing with both aspects of housing developments. Performance indicators are identified and these are incorporated in an interim assessment framework which is tested using a group of industry experts. The research has highlighted areas where further development is required to attain quantitative assessments of affordable and sustainable housing developments

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Pullen, S., Arman, M., Zillante, G., Zuo, J., Chileshe, N., & Wilson, L. (2010). Developing an Assessment Framework for Affordable and Sustainable Housing. Construction Economics and Building, 10(1-2), 48 - 64.
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