The Effects of Buildability Factors on Rebar Fixing Labour Productivity of Beamless Slabs

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Abdulaziz M Jarkas



Buildability is an important factor affecting labour productivity. Nevertheless, a thorough search of the literature revealed a dearth of research into its effects on in situ reinforced concrete construction, especially at the activity levels. Since rebar fixing is an integral trade of this type of construction material, and beamless slabs are amongst the major encountered activities on construction sites, the objective of this research is to explore the buildability factors affecting its rebar fixing efficiency. To achieve this objective, a large volume of fixing productivity data was collected and analysed using the categorical interaction - regression method. As a result, the main and interaction effects of rebar diameter; reinforcement quantity; slab geometry; and reinforcement layer location are determined. The findings show a significant influence of these factors on the fixing operation, which can be used to provide designers and construction managers with feedback on how well the design of this activity considers the requirements of buildability, and the tangible consequences of designers‟ decisions on labour productivity

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