God, We’re Not Immigrants! A Reflection on Moving and Staying

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Joel Scott


The first time we went there the guy at the front told us that we had to come back the following day, at eight in the morning, to take a number. Like a patisserie. We weren’t impressed with the idea, but to be honest we were happy to have understood him. Every successful piece of communication takes on greater significance here. Often you don’t really care what has been communicated, only that it has been communicated successfully.

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Joel Scott, UTS

Joel Scott is currently studying Basque, oil painting, and a subject on the elaboration of wine (much less of a bludge than one might think) at the Universidad Pública de Navarra in Pamplona. When in Australia he studies writing at UTS. He has prolonged his studies in Spain for another six months because, well, why not? He has rarely had anything published.