In a City Like Delhi

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Jeffrey Kenworthy
Dora Marinova
Yamini Narayanan


This paper is intended to be provocative as a way of exposing any fatal flaws in its logic. It advocates a pragmatic foundational role for spirituality upon which sustainable development can be built. It goes on to assert the importance of articulating spiritual dimensions of urban communities as integral to the spiritual and general sustainability of cities. The paper

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Jeffrey Kenworthy, Murdoch University

Jeffrey Kenworthy is Professor in Sustainable Cities at the Institute for Sustainability and Technology Policy at Murdoch University in Perth. He is best known for his international comparisons of cities around the theme of automobile dependence. He has published extensively in the transport and planning fields for 26 years and is co-author with Peter Newman of Sustainability and Cities: Overcoming Automobile Dependence (1999) and The Millennium Cities Database for Sustainable Transport (2001) with Felix Laube.

Dora Marinova, Murdoch University

Dora Marinova is an Associate Professor and Head of the ISTP at Murdoch University where she teaches in the areas of demography and women and development. She is currently supervising 14 PhD students on topics related to sustainability. Her research interests cover technology policy and development, sustainable business and partnerships. She has published over 60 refereed journal articles and book chapters and has conducted research for Western Australian and Commonwealth Government departments.

Yamini Narayanan, Murdoch University

Yamini Narayanan is a PhD candidate at the ISTP. Her thesis examines spiritual approaches to urban community development, in the context of sustainability. She has completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Print Journalism from the Asian College of Journalism in Chennai (Madras) and a B.A. (Hons) in English literature from Lady Shri Ram College for Women, University of Delhi.