Beyond Economic Interests: Critical Perspectives on Adult Literacy and Numeracy in a Globalised World

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Tannis Atkinson
Nancy S Jackson


This volume reflects the many faces of the adult literacy and numeracy (ALN) field since the introduction, more than two decades ago, of OECD surveys that define and measure ALN as a contribution to economic productivity, efficiency and growth. The book highlights the transition to statistical tools as the only legitimate form of knowledge about literacy and explores a range of alternative visions and creative practices that focus on ‘the meaning of literacy and numeracy in people's lives’ (Yasukawa and Black 2016: 21).

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Tannis Atkinson, University of Toronto

Adult Education and Community Development
Department of Leadership, Higher and Adult Education, OISE

Nancy S Jackson, University of Toronto

Associate Professor
Adult Education and Community Development Program
OISE/University of toronto