Portfolio Building: The relationship with literacies in students’ everyday lives

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Angela Brzeski


This article explores some propositions about how students’ everyday
lives may interact with their success at learning in a large Further Education
College in England. Some students, on paper, have all the appropriate entry
qualifications, but still struggle to complete their courses. Indeed, some do
not complete at all. So, what could be done to help these students achieve
success? As a member of a large-scale research project team, I have been
investigating the home literacies of further education students. Papen
(2005a:14) points out that ‘it is useful and necessary before any intervention
can be planned, to carry out research which identifies learners’ everyday
literacy practices’. Of course, there are many other aspects of people’s
everyday lives that will influence their learning success. However, in this
article I want to focus on the possibility of the influence of home literacy
practices, by exploring how the reading and writing in the everyday lives of
students could be drawn upon and utilized in order to help these students to
succeed on their chosen college courses.

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Angela Brzeski, Preston College

Angela Brzeski works at Preston College in the United Kingdom and lectures in lectures in business administration at Preston College and is a college-based researcher and co-ordinator for the LfLFE (Literacies for Learning in Further Education) project.