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Conference Papers

Conference Overview PDF
Stefanie Pillora
Motivating and retaining local government workers: what does it take? PDF
Robyn Morris
Local government as a facilitator of systemic social innovation PDF
Sharon Zivkovic
Research analysts at the City of Boroondara: the many hats PDF
Tanya Styles
Comparisons are odious: a practitioner's view of why comparing councils is a flawed concept PDF
Fran Flavel
Researching with reciprocity? Meaningful participant-based research in a remote Indigenous community context PDF
Thomas Michel, Julie-Ann Bassinder
The lived experience of Insider Action Research in a local government setting PDF
Adele Kenneally
Local public broadband – the missing link in Australia's broadband debate? PDF
Ian McShane
Cultural planning practices in local government in Victoria PDF
Kim Dunphy, Lyndall Metzke, Linda Tavelli
The pitfalls and promises of an academic approach to solving real world problems in local government PDF
Jennifer Scott, Jennie Cramp, Sophia Findlay, Jay Jonasson
One size fits all? An appraisal as to how NSW councils have reacted and adapted to new legislation PDF
Phil Willis
Community wellbeing indicators: measures for local government PDF
Alan Morton
Carbon offsetting by Queensland councils: motives and benefits PDF
Heather Zeppel
Is anybody listening? The impact of second home ownership on local governments in Australia and elsewhere PDF
Chris Paris
Exploring interventions in urban form which can enable better population health PDF
Brydie Clarke, Terry Jenvey, Nicole Vickridge
Local government research into a ‘hidden’ issue PDF
Katherine Wright