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Robots and Art - Misbehaving Machines

AURAL: Robots, Evolution and Algorithmic Composition PDF
Artemis Moroni, Jônatas Manzolli, Mariana Shellard
AURAL2: Robots and a Generative System in an Algorithmic Composition Process PDF
Artemis Moroni, Jônatas Manzolli, Mariana Shellard
COLUMN: Core Less Unformed Machine PDF
Yasutaka Takeda, Kohei Yoshida, Shotaro Baba, Ravindra De Silva, Michio Okada
Drum Circle PDF
Scott Barton, Steven Kemper
Rehearsal for the (Robot) Revolution PDF
Elizabeth Jochum, Ken Goldberg

Attention for Social Intelligence

Monitoring Daily Routine Anomalies in Assisted Living Environments PDF
Martin Franke, Ingo Keller, Thomas Schlegel
Motivational Emotion Generation and Behavior Selection based on Emotional Experiences for Social Robots PDF
Won Hyong Lee, Jeong Woo Park, Woo Hyun Kim, Hui Sung Lee, Dong-Soo Kwon, Myung Jin Chung
Beyond Patting: The Role of Attention in Expanding the Human-Pet Robot Relationship PDF
Claire D'Este
Building Emotional Authenticity between Humans and Robots PDF
Julienne Aleta Greer