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Rebecca Ferguson is currently a full-time research fellow in the UK Open University’s Institute of Educational Technology, focused on Educational Futures. She works as research lead on the SocialLearn team, developing and researching initiatives to improve pedagogical understanding of learning in online settings, to design analytics to support the assessment of learning in these settings, and to extend the university’s ability to support learning in an open world. She also lead work on Enquiry Blogger, funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation to develop blogging tools that support enquiry learning.

For the last five years Rebecca has been a core team member of the Open University’s Schome project, working with UK and US teenagers online and in the virtual reality world of Second Life to develop ‘an education system for the information age’. During the same period, she has carried out a longitudinal study of Research Blogging together with two colleagues, which has twice reported results to date at ALT-C.

In addition, Rebecca is currently research lead on Learning to Know, Knowing to Learn. Funded by the university’s Children and Young People Research Group, this study is investigating children’s use of online tools to support informal collaborative learning.

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Keynote Speaker

Alfred Essa, Director of Innovation & Analytics Strategy, Desire2Learn Inc., will be discussing "Entrepreneurship and Innovation Opportunities in Learning Analytics: An Industry Perspective".

As the global demand for education continues to experience explosive growth, learning analytics is emerging as a focal point of technology disruption. The talk will provide an industry perspective on this development and propose collaborative strategies among researchers, academic institutions, and industry to drive entrepreneurship and innovation opportunities in digital education.