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Workshop 3: Thinking Strategically: A Framework for Implementing Learning Analytics
Dr Michael Crock

Last modified: 2012-11-16


University of New England (UNE) has been collecting and reporting data about its students and their learning outcomes for the purpose of better understanding and enhancing learning experience through the use of technology at the various points of the student life cycle for a number of years. Based on the existing sets of data, UNE has developed a wide range of strategies and activities to enhance first-year experience, provide relevant and timely support and high quality information, develop early at-risk detection and prevention programmes, and design personalised and engaging online study curriculum, all of which promote participation, diversification and quality for UNE’s students. The workshop will focus on the technical features, conceptual framework and pedagogical aspects of the learning analytics projects presently operating at UNE and those currently being developed in partnership with Pearson.

The workshop will be facilitated by Dr Michael Crock (Pro Vice-Chancellor Educational Innovation & International, University of New England) with participation of researchers, data analysts, academic and administrative staff from both UNE and Person.