University of Technology, Sydney, City Campus

September 30, 2008 – October 3, 2008

The 4 Rs - Rights, Respect, Reconciliation, Responsibility - Planning for a socially inclusive future for Australia is an international conference
locating Australian policy & practice dilemmas within an international context.

The 4Rs frame Australia's future as a cosmopolitan civil society. This conference comes at a critical time for Australia, when the opportunities and desire for change abound, yet older fears still persist.

The 4Rs explore the internal debates and the relationships between crucial social, political and cultural questions, with their relevance to public policy, community development and societal cohesion.

The conference is designed around the four themes and their interaction- human rights, Indigenous advancement, inter-communal relations, and active citizenship.



General: Call for Papers: second round

Submissions for refereed abstracts have now closed.

Non-refereed abstracts can still be considered. please contact the convenor before proceeding.


In order to make submissions, click on ABOUT / ONLINE SUBMISSIONS and follow the prompts.
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