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Waters of Belonging

Al-miyahu Tajma'unah: Arabic Australians and the Georges River Parklands 
Heather Goodall, Denis Byrne, Allison Cadzow and Stephen Wearing
978 0 9872369 3 7

This book arises from Parklands, Culture and Communities, a project which looks at how cultural diversity shapes people's understandings and use of the Georges River and green spaces in Sydney's south west. Culturally diverse uses and views have not often been recognised in Australia in park and green space management models, which tend to be based on Anglo-Celtic 'norms' about nature and recreation. This book focusses on the experiences of four local communities - Aboriginal, Vietnamese, Arabic and Anglo Australians - and their relationships with the river, parks and each other.


About the Authors: 

Heather Goodall is a Professor of History and has researched and published in three major areas, indigenous histories and relationships in Australia; environmental history, and intercolonial networks, particularly those between Australia and India and around the Indian Ocean. She has been historical researcher in two Royal Commissions and the author of many research and scholarly books, articles, papers and reports. Her book “Invasion to Embassy” was awarded the 1997 NSW Premier's Prize for Australian History.

Denis Byrne leads the research program in cultural heritage at Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water (NSW) and an adjunct professor with the Social and Political Change Group at UTS. His interests include the everyday engagement of people in Asia and Australia with their material past, the materiality of popular religion, and fictocritical archaeological writing. He has written many research papers, reports and journal articles. Alison Cadzow is a research fellow in the School of History at ANU. Her research interestes include Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s military service especially community perspectives, women’s participation and issues of recognition; environmental and city histories in relation to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, women’s expedition accounts and cross-cultural histories. She has written several books, journal articles, and research reports.

Stephen Wearing is an Associate Professor of Management at UTS. His reseach interests include ecotourism, Community based and volunteer tourism, Environmentalism, Sociology of leisure and tourism and Social Sciences in protected area management He has authored 10 books in the field of leisure and tourism, over 50 refereed papers and a wide range of industry based articles.