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Rough living

Surviving violence & homelessness 
Catherine Robinson
978 1 86365 425 8
Rough Living: Surviving Violence and Homelessness - Cover

Rough Living: Surviving Violence and Homelessness reveals the ways in which intense chains of disadvantage, incorporating homelessness, are triggered by very early experiences of violence. Drawing on biographic interviews with six men and six women, the book bears witness not only to horrendous repeated experiences of physical and sexual violence, but discusses what may be understood as related multi-dimensional vulnerability in areas such as physical and mental health, education, employment and social connectedness. A picture of the long-term cycles of violent victimisation and homelessness, and their compounding traumatising effects, are made clear and the importance of trauma-informed service delivery is outlined as a key way forward.

This book is a part of the Shopfront Monograph series.


About the Author: 

Catherine Robinson is a Senior Lecturer in the Faculity of Arts and Social Sciences at UTS. She focuses on interdisciplinary research within sociologies and social geographies of place, embodiment and emotions. Close engagement with health, housing and support services and peak bodies within the NGO sector continues to be a core component of my research practice. Catherine the author of several research books and many journal articles and conference papers.