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Reading the Country: 30 Years On

Philip Morrissey
Chris Healy

Steeped in story-telling and endlessly curious, Reading the Country: An Introduction to Nomadology (1984) was the product of Paddy Roe, Stephen Muecke and Krim Benterrak experimenting with what it might be like to think together about country. Their book has since become one of the great twentieth-century works of intercultural dialogue.

Reading the Country: 30 Years On is a celebration of that book—examining not only its place and time of creation but also its movement across social, philosophical and political surfaces, seeping into the way we look and learn and teach about how people are, or could be, part of country.

Recalling a spirit of intellectual risk and respect, in this collection Indigenous and non-Indigenous scholars, poets, writers and publishers acknowledge the past and look, with hope, to future transformations of culture and country. 

Reading the Country: 30 Years On is the third volume in the ‘CSR Books’ series, the previous volumes being History, Power, Text: Cultural Studies and Indigenous Studies (2014) edited by Timothy Neale, Crystal McKinnon and Eve Vincent, and Art in the Global Present (2014) edited by Nikos Papastergiadis and Victoria Lynn.



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Stephen Muecke
How Many Countries?

John Frow
Re-reading Reading the Country

Ray Coffey
A Ute, Not a Land Cruiser: Publishing Reading the Country

Mark Davis
Unsettled Objects: Books, Cultural Politics and the Case of Reading the Country

Stuart Cooke
Lurujarri: a poem by foot / Extracts from George Dyungayan's Bulu Line: A West Kimberley Song Cycle

Meaghan Morris
In Praise of Experimental Institutions: After May 1968

Philip Morrissey
The Muecke/Roe Relationship as a Model for Australian Indigenous Studies

Katrina Schlucke
Re-writing the University with 'Reading the Country'

Terrence Twomey
A Casual Reading of the Corporate University

A.J. Bartlett
On Education Unbound from its Knowledge

Lauren Bliss
A Letter from Copernicus the Cat to Chris Marker

Bonny Cassidy
The Day After Reading that Book / Destiny / Inland

Chris Healy
Reading the Country after Travelling Television

Ken Gelder
Thirty Years On: Reading the Country and Indigenous Homeliness

Jon Roffe
Nomadology, the Nomad, the Concept

Timothy Laurie and Peter Nyhuis Torres
Spatial Reading, Territorial Signs, and the Clamour of Occupation

Denise Varney
Reading Transhistorical Performances: No Sugar (1984), Holy Day (2001) and Ngurrumilmarrmiriyu [Wrong Skin] (2012)

Michael  Farrell
C.O.U.N.T.R.Y / Some Problems with the Page as Terra Nullius / What the Land

Magali McDuffie and Anne Poelina
Nyikina Collaborative Filmmaking in the Kimberley: 'Learning to Listen with Your Eyes, and See with Your Ears'

Kate Leah Rendell
Re-reading Country: A Settler Genealogy of Place

Karen Hughes
Reading Resistant Landscapes in Ngarrindjeri Country: The Photographic Legacy of Aunty Charlotte Richards

Tony Birch

About the Editors: 

Philip Morrissey is the former Head of Australian Indigenous Studies in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Melbourne. He is currently the curator and keeper of the Lionel Fogarty archive. His most recent publication is Lionel Fogarty: Selected Poems 1980-2017 (co-edited with Tyne Daile Sumner, 2017).

Chris Healy teaches cultural studies at the University of Melbourne and is co-editor of the journal Cultural Studies Review. His previous publications include Forgetting Aborigines (2008) and Assembling Culture (co-edited with Tony Bennett, 2011).