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The Politics of Identity: Emerging Indigeneity

Edited by Michelle Harris, Martin Nakata and Bronwyn Carlson
978 0 9872369 2 0
The Politics of Identity: Emerging Indigeneity

The issue of Indigenous identity has gained more attention in recent years from social science scholars, yet much of the discussions still centre on the politics of belonging or not belonging. The range of international scholars in this volume have begun an approach to the contemporary identity issues from very different perspectives, although collectively they all push the boundaries of the scholarship that relate to identities of Indigenous people in various contexts from around the world. Their essays provide at times provocative insights as the authors write about their own experiences. The question at the heart of their enquiry about the emerging Indigenous identities is when is it the right time to say me, us, we... them?


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About the Editors: 

Michelle Harris is an Associate Professor and Coordinator of the Graduate Program in the Department of Sociology and Social Work at Northern Arizona University. Her scholarly writings have focused on several areas including acculturation and stress among immigrant Americans, how racial discrimination affects the mental health and well-being of Blacks in the United States, and the effects of sociodemographic factors and stress on the mental health of Jamaican adults. She has also published in the area of critical race theory.

Bronwyn Carlson is a senior lecturer in the Indigenous Studies Unit, Faculty of Law, Humanities and Arts at the University of Wollongong. Bronwyn’s research focuses on a number of interrelated themes including the politics of Indigenousidentity, with particular interest in what it means to identify as an Aboriginal person today focusing on what constitutes and is constitutive of Aboriginal identity in contemporary times.

Martin Nakata is the Director of Nura Gili at the University of New South Wales. He also holds the title of Chair of Australian Indigenous Education. He is the first Torres Strait Islander to receive a PhD in Australia. His research encompasses higher education curriculum areas, the academic preparation of Indigenous students, and Indigenous knowledge and library services. He has published many works on Indigenous Australians and education in academic journals and books.