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Challenge and change

Reassessing journalism's global future
Edited by Alan Knight

Journalists were once defined by where they worked; in newspapers, or radio and television stations. Now, the internet promises everyone, everywhere can be a publisher. But not everyone has the skills or training to be a journalist; defined by their professional practices and codes of ethics. Such journalists will continue to authorise information, providing signposts for discerning audiences. Journalism is merely evolving, as it has done many times before to exploit newer media. This book examines the challenges facing the profession as it transforms to face its future.


About the Editor: 

Alan Knight is a senior academic and an experienced journalist. Dr Knight is the Australian representative and Board member of the Asian Media Information Research Centre and an Honorary Research Fellow at the Centre of Asia Studies at Hong Kong University. The Australian Research Council recognised him as an "eminent researcher" in 2009 and appointed him to the national panel reviewing Humanities research as part of Excellence in Research Australia. Before becoming an academic, Dr Knight was a reporter, a ministerial public relations staffer, and an Executive Producer. He began his journalism career in 1973 as Brisbane correspondent for the Nation Review ("The Ferret"), before working for Queensland Newspapers, AAP, and the ABC and in 1997, Radio Television Hong Kong.