Vol 1, No 1 (2006)

Welcome to the Autumn Semester 2006 issue of Unscrunched, the new e-zine publishing the work of Writing and Cultural Studies students in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at UTS.

We hope this site will build a useful resource for students who will now be able to read other students' work from past years in the subjects they are enrolled in, or peruse examples of material produced in subjects they are interested in choosing.

Unscrunched aims to become a vital archive for the Writing and Cultural Studies Area.

The first issue of Unscrunched contains a selection of pieces written for the subject Ficto-critical writing, a fitting choice to demystify given its 'pomo-sounding' ring.

Ficto-criticism is one name for a literary and critical hybrid genre which invokes its two oppositional constitutive terms, fiction and criticism. At its simplest it makes a persuasive argument while telling an engaging story; at its most complex it is a surrealist montage of different styles and media.

Read Vanessa Berry's imagined histories of kitsch souvenirs seen in an op shop window, Therese Breen's sensitised exploration of the gap between televisual crime shows and a real life murder investigation, Zahid Gamieldien's spin on the jingle Aussie kids are Weet Bix kids, Sandy Jessamine's autobiographical story of her son's Asperger's diagnosis, Nick Keys reflecting on his nana's move to a nursing home and Judy Murphy's encounter with her grandmother's autograph book.

Dr Keri Glastonbury (Editor)

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