The nexus: a story of the evidentiary, the heart and dramatic representation.

Therese Breen


‘The nexus…’ was conceived as a ficto-critical response/investigation into the relationship between the lived experience of suspicious/violent death, as opposed to the representation of same in television drama. My intention was not to criticise or 'de-fame' the nature of crime drama but to weave my personal experience of the suspicious death of my close friend, Natalia Bond—who was found dead at Bondi in 1996-into such an examination. This examination also highlights the fact that, as much as we come to know the experience of violent, suspicious deaths through dramatic presentation on television, for those unfortunate enough to experience it in reality, the truth is that your experience of the event is viewed, at times, through that same television filter. My investigation shone a blaring light on this irreconcilable paradox.

There is, of course, no way the dramatic representation of sudden/violent death, with all the heartbreak/loss/guilt and grief involved, can ever be an 'accurate' one. I don't believe television producers would argue with that. However, having experienced the shortfalls and disappointments of the police investigation into Natalia's death, I wish (despite the glaring differences between the lived experience and the dramatic representation of violent/suspicious death) as I did at the time, and still do for that slick t.v. detective to arrive and tell us exactly what happened in the early hours of November 20, 1996.

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