At The Edge: Rediscovering ‘Elsewhere’ through the Hybrid Artistry of the Disparate

Taryn Priadko


A showcase of contemporary art from across the Asia-Pacific, Edge of Elsewhere occasions a concurrence of the traditional and the post-modern in the exhibition of artworks that reflexively question the colonialist hegemony that modernism imposed from the West. Through the iteration of culturally diverse ideas in new artistic languages devised by the marginalised, this microcosmic space in Sydney’s geographic periphery retreats from the modern centrality of the artist and the corporeality of art to reveal it as discursively constructed and subject to fluctuation and change. As such it is a seminal space, which, through collaborative opportunity, empowers those who have been disparagingly labelled as the ‘Other’ to re-immerse in their traditional past and react to the present in transcendent form.

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