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  • Benjamin, Andrew (University of Sydney, 2004)
    This paper connects the question of modem architecture to the general problematic of appearance. Apperance, itself, arises as a result of the debate on 'style' that marked architectural theory and practice in Germany in ...
  • Benjamin, Andrew (University of Sydney, 2003)
  • Benjamin, Andrew (University of Sydney, 2002)
    The paper takes as its point of departure the necessity to open a space between the international and the national. That space will be as much political as will be one that allows for a certain architecture. For the sake ...
  • Benjamin, Andrew (University of Sydney, 2005)
    What is it that identifies a city?1 Where is the feeling or sense of that identity located? Could that sense of identity ? no matter how it was discovered ? be generalized? The encounter with a city endures within attempts ...
  • Benjamin, Andrew (University of Sydney, 2002)
  • Benjamin, Andrew (University of Sydney, 2007)
    The move to the age of digital reproducibility demands a reconceptualization of the way images are produced and deployed within the practice of design. This paper begins to respond to this demand. Central to that response ...
  • Benjamin, Andrew (Routledge, Taylor and Francis Group, 2006)
    The argument in this paper is that surface should be understood neither as a merely structural, nor as a merely decorative aspect of building. Rather, the creation of surfaces (interior walls or faccedilades and so on) ...