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To be included in this collection the journal article must meet the Higher Education Research Data Collection (HERDC) definition of research and:

  • be published in a scholarly journal
  • have been peer-reviewed
  • have an International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) or ISBN

The types of journal articles that may meet the criteria include:

  • commentaries and communications of original research
  • research notes
  • letters to journals, provided that the letter satisfies the HERDC definition of research and the subsequent definitions for journal articles in this section
  • critical scholarly texts which appear in article form
  • articles reviewing multiple works or an entire field of research
  • invited papers in journals
  • articles in journals which are targeted to both scholars and professionals
  • articles in a stand alone series.

The types of journal articles that are unlikely to meet the criteria include:

  • letters to the editor
  • case studies
  • articles designed to inform practitioners on existing knowledge in a professional field
  • articles in newspapers and popular magazines
  • editorials
  • book reviews
  • brief commentaries and communications of original research reviews of art exhibitions, concerts, theatre productions.

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Recent Submissions

  • Gunning, Simon; Chung, K; Donaldson, Paul; Webb, K (American Physiological Society, 2012)
    The initiation of lens cataract has long been associated with the development of a membrane ?leak? in lens fiber cells that depolarizes the lens intracellular potential and elevates intracellular Na+ and Ca2+ concentrations. ...
  • Tamburic, Bojan; Zemichael, Fessehaye; Maitland, Geoffrey; Hellgardt, Klaus (Elsevier Ltd., 2012)
    Development of the capacity to produce hydrogen economically from renewable energy resources is of critical importance to the future viability of that fuel. The inexpensive and widely available green alga Chlamydomonas ...
  • Langridge, Gc; Phan, M; Turner, D; Perkins, Tt; Parts, L; Haase, J; Charles, Ian; Maskell, D; Peters, Sarah; Dougan, Gordon; Wain, J; Parkhill, J; Turner, A (Cold Spring Harbor Lab Press, Publications Dept, 2009)
    Very high-throughput sequencing technologies need to be matched by high-throughput functional studies if we are to make full use of the current explosion in genome sequences. We have generated a very large bacterial mutant ...
  • Patel, Bhavish; Tamburic, Bojan; Zemichael, Fessehaye; Dechatiwongse, Pongsathorn; Hellgardt, Klaus (Hindawi Publishing Corporation, 2012)
    Global energy use has reached unprecedented levels and increasing human population, technological integration, and improving lifestyle will further fuel this demand. Fossil fuel based energy is our primary source of energy ...
  • Osabe, K; Kawanabe, T; Sasaki, T; Ishikawa, R; Okazaki, K; Dennis, Elizabeth; Kazama, T; Fujimoto, Ryo (MDPI AG, 2012)
    An allopolyploid is an individual having two or more complete sets of chromosomes derived from different species. Generation of allopolyploids might be rare because of the need to overcome limitations such as co-existing ...