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This collection refers to contributions, consisting substantially of new material, to an edited compilation in which the material is subject to editorial scrutiny.

To be included in this collection the publication must meet the Higher Education Research Data Collection (HERDC) definition of research and:

  • be offered for sale be offered for sale as bound hard copies, packaged CD-ROMs or subscription/fee based e-books
  • have an International Standard Book Number (ISBN)
  • have been published by a commercial publisher

A book chapter may be included if it has been published previously as long as it constitutes substantial new knowledge and constitutes original research. The types of book chapters that may meet the criteria include:

  • a scholarly introduction of chapter length to an edited volume, where the content of the introduction reports research and makes a substantial contribution to a defined area of knowledge
  • a critical scholarly text of chapter length, e.g. in music, medieval or classical texts
  • critical reviews of current research

Unless they meet all of the criteria for inclusion, the following book chapters should be excluded:

  • chapters in textbooks
  • entries in reference books
  • anthologies
  • revisions of chapters in edited books
  • forewords
  • brief introductions
  • brief editorials
  • appendices
  • literary or creative pieces such as collections of short stories; and
  • translations.

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