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  • Alexander, Patrick; Harris-Huemmert, Susan; Mcalpine, Lynn; Wagstaff, Sheena; Hopwood, Nick (Universiti Putra Malaysia Press, 2011)
    This chapter is based on original funded research into doctoral students' learning and work practices. It underwent a peer review process (evidence of reviewer comments can be provided).
  • Burridge, Nina; Chodkiewicz, Andrew (Sense Publishers, 2012)
    The history of the education of Aboriginal children in NSW since 1788 and in other states of Australia, covers periods of major policy shifts that until the late 1960s saw Aboriginal children suffer under a system of ...
  • Boud, David (Springer, 2009)
    Assessment in higher education is being challenged by a multiplicity of demands. The activities predominantly used ? examinations, assignments and other kinds of tests ? have emerged from within an educational tradition ...
  • Rokhman, Ali; Ayuandini, Sherria; Collier, Kate (Routledge, 2012)
  • Boud, David; Rooney, Donna; Solomon, Nicky (Sage Publications, 2008)
  • Maher, Damian (Nova Science Publishers, 2011)
    The use of instant messaging (IM) in primary schools is a recent phenomenon having been around for less than 10 years in most schools with internet access. There is an expectation by Educational authorities, parents, ...
  • Houston, Donna; Martin, Gregory; Mclaren, Peter (Taylor & Francis, 2012)
    The interplay between history, politics and memory is always bound np in the conditions of the present. The same can be said for public national reconciliation projects that seek to address wounded national pasts and lay ...
  • Kearney, Matthew; Young, Kirsty; Prescott, Anne (IGI Global, 2009)
    This chapter reports on findings from a recent project situated in the area of preservice teacher education. The project investigated prospective teachers authoring and using their own contextualised learning designs. The ...
  • Burridge, Nina; Chodkiewicz, Andrew (Sense Publishers, 2012)
    The Quality Teaching Indigenous Project school studies described in the previous chapters focused on improving teacher quality in the development and delivery of innovative curriculum strategies for teaching Aboriginal ...
  • Okada, Alexandra; Buckingham Shum, Simon; Bachler, Michelle; Tomadaki, Eleftheria; Scott, Peter; Little, Alex; Eisenstadt, Marc (IGI Global, 2009)
    The aim of this chapter is to overview the ways in which knowledge media technologies create opportunities for social learning. The Open Content movement has been growing rapidly, opening up new opportunities for widening ...
  • Johnston, Rosemary (Oxford University Press, 2010)
  • Alexander, Shirley (Premium Publishing, 2004)
    Students as designers of e -Ie a rning: an ARC project I'm involved in two Aust ralian Research Council (ARC) funded projects involving schools with children ranging from year 2 (aged 7) to year 11 (aged 16), so there's ...
  • Aubusson, Peter; Treagust, David; Harrison, Allan (Sense Publishers, 2009)
    [n this chapter, we review Australasian research to outline the broad pathways this research has followed and to highlight s ignificant contributions the work has made to science education. We describe a series of studies ...
  • Aubusson, Peter; Griffin, Janette; Kearney, Matthew (Springer, 2012)
    Young people learn outside school, beyond the classroom. Much of the science that they learn comes from relatively informal experiences. The ideas and thinking that derive from daily experiences, conversations, curiosity, ...
  • Docherty, Peter; Boud, David; Cressey, Peter (Routledge, 2006)
  • Johnston, Rosemary (Oxford University Press, 2010)
  • Burridge, Nina; Evans, Christine (Sense Publishers, 2012)
    Magenta Secondary School is located on the northern shore of Sydney with predominantly Anglo-European neighbourhoods in comparison to other Sydney regions. A small, but significant number of Aborigional students are enrolled ...
  • Ritchie, Stephen; Aubusson, Peter; Harrison, Allan (Springer, 2006)
  • Gonczi, Andrew (Allen and Unwin, 2004)