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Browsing 12 Built Environment and Design by Author "Titmarsh, Mark"

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  • Titmarsh, Mark (Australian Centre for the Moving Image, 2007)
    A 30 year overview of experimental screenworks that used sampling from various audio visual sources
  • Titmarsh, Mark (Media Resource Centre, Adelaide, 2007)
    Background SynCity was initiated by the dLux media arts organization on the occasion of their zs" Anniversary. I was approached as a practitioner, curator and founding member of the organisation to create and curate an ...
  • Titmarsh, Mark (Gerturde Street Gallery, 2006)
  • Titmarsh, Mark (Artspace, 2008)
    A solo performance involving the making of coloured things and coloured events that related to the actions of painting.
  • Titmarsh, Mark (Conny Dietzschold, 2008)
    An exhibition of Sydney artists exploring the object based nature of painting
  • Titmarsh, Mark (Loose Projects, 2009)
    A survey of activities of an Artist Run Initiative Gallery, Loose Projects, that operated in the CBD between 2006 and 2007. Contains visual material and a catalogue essay from each exhibition. Both editors contributed an ...
  • Titmarsh, Mark (Transdisciplinary Image Conference, 2010)
    This paper considers the new ontological paradigm of contemporary art that evokes another discourse, a 'post aesthetics' that overcomes the subjective bias of modern philosophical aesthetics in favour of a primary relationship ...
  • Titmarsh, Mark (Forum des Images, 2007)
    An international festival of works made for the mobile phone
  • Titmarsh, Mark (DAB DOCS, 2006)
  • Titmarsh, Mark (Invitation, Floor Sheet, Directors Letter and Press Clippings, 2006)
    Background - This work was included in the Figure it Out exhibition which coincided with The Figure in Question exhibition, focusing mainly on the human figure and draughtsman skills in contemporary painting. Contribution ...
  • Ghosting 
    Titmarsh, Mark (Designing Out Crime research centre (UTS), 2010)
    'Ghosting' was shown as part of street exhibition entitled 'In Temperance: Pop Up Gallery' which featured the work of visual artists, video artists, street artists, performers and architects. The aim of the exhibition, a ...
  • Hardware 
    Titmarsh, Mark (UTS, 2006)
  • Titmarsh, Mark (Invitation, Catalogue and transcript of 2 SER mention, 2006)
  • Titmarsh, Mark (Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, 2007)
    Annual Audi Art Prize
  • Titmarsh, Mark (National Gallery of Victoria, 2005)
    Contemporary painting exhibition
  • Sydney-Ga 
    Titmarsh, Mark (Revelation: Perth indepenent Film Festival, 2007)
    A compilation of experimental super 8 films shown as part of Revel8 a special evening during Revelation: Perth Independent Film Festival
  • SynCity 
    Titmarsh, Mark (Invitation, Catalogue, Floor Sheet and Press Clippings, 2006)
  • Temple 
    Titmarsh, Mark (UTS Gallery, 2008)
    An exhibition of works examining the material possibilities of colour in painting as it expands outwards to occupy space and time
  • Titmarsh, Mark (Liverpool Hope University Press, 2008)
    At a certain point in the late 20lh century the word "aesthetics" withdrew from active service in the theoretical vocabulary of art. It had become both too universal and too particular. Too universal in that everything ...
  • Titmarsh, Mark (SNO Contemporary Art Projects, 2007)
    Two person exhibition. My work featured a painting on aluminium and an installation consisting of a round sheet of glass on the floor on which rested, mirror balls and plastic water bottles