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Browsing 12 Built Environment and Design by Author "Edmonds, Ernest"

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  • Johnston, Andrew; Candy, Linda; Edmonds, Ernest (Elsevier Science Ltd., 2008)
    This paper is concerned with the design of interactive virtual musical instruments. An interaction design strategy which uses on-screen objects that respond to user actions in physically realistic ways is described. This ...
  • Bilda, Zafer; Edmonds, Ernest; Candy, Linda (Elsevier Sci Ltd, 2008)
    This paper addresses the problem of understanding creative engagement with interactive systems. A model of engagement is proposed which represents modalities and phases of interactive experiences. The model was derived ...
  • Seevinck, Jennifer; Edmonds, Ernest (Elsevier Sci Ltd, 2008)
    Emergence is discussed in the context of a practice-based study of interactive art and a new taxonomy of emergence is proposed. The interactive art system 'plus minus now' is described and its relationship to emergence is ...
  • Bilda, Zafer; Bowman, Christopher; Edmonds, Ernest (ACM, 2008)
    The cutting edge in the digital arts is a highly fertile ground for the investigation of engagement and the role of new technologies. The nature of audience interaction with artworks and the implication for the consequential ...
  • Edmonds, Ernest; Leggett, Michael (M I T Press, 2010)
    The study collects, compares and synthesises existing knowledge from specific sources about artists and creative designers working within research processes. The emphasis is on collaboration, evaluation and reflective practice.
  • Muller, Elizabeth; Edmonds, Ernest (Routledge Publishing, 2006)
  • Amitani, Shigeki; Bilda, Zafer; Edmonds, Ernest (Elsevier Science Ltd., 2008)
    The concept underlying the research reported in this paper is that of a semi-automatic system with which groups of distributed users interact, primarily by exchanging multimedia data such as short sound recordings, photographs ...
  • Edmonds, Ernest (Taylor & Francis, 2007)
    The paper discusses aspects of digital art from the point of view of the notion of observable human - computer interaction. The use of the word interaction is reviewed and altenative approaches to describing the concept ...
  • Edmonds, Ernest; Candy, Linda (M I T Press, 2010)
    The authors have developed a model of practice-based research from observations and studies of practitioners undertaking Ph D s in digital art and specifically interactive art Trajectories of research and practice have ...
  • Weakley, Alastair; Edmonds, Ernest (University of Wollongong Press, 2004)
    The paper is concerned with support for distributed groups of creative knowledge workers: in this case designers. We consider requirements that designers have regarding internalisation and externalisation of ideas and ...