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  • Day, Michael (, 2009)
    As part of the Vivid - Smart Light Sydney Festival, 17 May - 14 June 2009, of which I was an instigator, I contributed to four events that generated and demonstrated new concepts and understandings about lighting technology ...
  • Jakovich, Joanne; Mcdermott, Jason; Whiteley, Christiane; Hsu, Sally; Landreth, Nicholas; Coorey, Benjamin (Smart Light Sydney Festival, 2009)
    Smart Light Fields is a live mapping of the movement of Smart Light Sydney festival-goers across Circular Quay. Also exhibited in the Creative Sydney Festival, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney. May 27-June 12, 2009.
  • Barker, Tom (Creator, Producer, Designer, Distributor, 2005)
    Smartslab is a patented interactive digital display technology invented by Tom Barker. The system allows entire buildings, floors or ceilings to become digital displays. The pioneering technology draws 011 the optics of ...
  • Reinmuth, Gerard; Balmforth, Scott; Blythe, Richard (Hobart City, 2009)
    This project is a conversion of a former plumbing supplies store and warehouse in Hobart into a residence. The narrow inner city street where the project is located has a contrast of industrial and residential uses however ...
  • Cook, Eric; Garduno Freeman, Cristina (Peter Lang, 2011)
    Cook and Garduno Freeman argue that social networks such as Flickr function as public repositories of personal photography that challenge and democratize the authority of traditional institutions of memory, like libraries ...
  • Prior, Jason; Tavano Blessi, Giorgio (UTS, 2012)
    Culture has become increasingly important in regeneration processes designed to deal with urban futures. Urban regeneration processes in which culture has played a prominent role range from large-scale public investments ...
  • Riedy, Chris (Global CIities Research Institute, 2013)
    Abstract: This paper investigates the social practices of Australian sustainability `change agents? that are working to reduce community energy use. These change agents work to promote change for sustainability, often ...
  • Peeters, Michel; Megens, Carl; Van Den Hoven, Elise; Hummels, Caroline; Brombacher, Aarnout (Springer, 2013)
    Abstract. This paper addresses the development of Social Stairs, an intelli-gent musical staircase to change people?s behavior in the long-term to take the stairs in favor of the elevator. Through designing with the ...
  • Thompson, Darrall (Australian Technology Network, 2008)
  • Beilharz, Kirsty; Vande Moere, Andrew (Sage Publications, 2008)
    This article examines two different multimodal interpretations of a folding metaphor, with folding understood as a richly interpretable communication medium. The authors look at the mythological origins of giving voice ...
  • Jakovich, Joanne; Beilharz, Kirsty (Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, 2007)
    Also Exhibited in Cyberworlds Exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney in 2005. This was curated by Lizzie Muller and Matthew Connell.
  • Jakovich, Joanne; Reinhardt, Dagmar (Association for Computing Machinery, 2007)
    The field of architecture is radically being transformed by the esthetic potential of embedded sensor technologies and interaction. This demo presents an approach to spatial design that implements techniques of interactive ...
  • Rice, Charles (Routledge, 2009)
    To develop this reading, this chapter investigates a series of experiences and cultural forms that constitute the intimate metropolis: the domestic interior, the shopping arcade, the cinema, and a series of figures which ...
  • Teffer, N (Berg Publishers, 2010)
    The late-twentieth century development of a range of digital imaging technologies has led to claims that we are in the midst of a transformation of representation. This essay takes two such technologies - ultrasound and ...
  • Er, Michael (ASME, 2012)
    As workers such as Foreman move around construction sites they are often required to make on the spot decisions and as such can be classified as a Construction Mobile Knowledge Worker (CMKW). Mobile technology affords 'just ...
  • Rutovitz, Jay (Greenpeace Africa, 2010)
    The Energy [R]evolution scenario published by Greenpeace International and the European Renewable Energy Council sets out a vision for a low-carbon energy future for South Africa (RSA) and compares it to a scenario derived ...
  • Boydell, Spike (Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service of the Georgetown University, 2010)
  • Garduno Freeman, Cristina (Centre for Tourism and Cultural Change, 2007)
    The Sydney Opera House attracts over four million visitors each year to experience its architecture, events and cultural narratives. This experience consciously engages tourists in a constructed spatial encounter, in which ...
  • Soviets 
    Wallen, Lawrence (Zhdk (Zurich Hochschule der Kunste/Zurich University of the Arts), 2009)
    A series on Scenography by the Zurich University of the Arts. Published with the support of the Swiss National Science Foundation
  • Titmarsh, Mark (National Gallery of Victoria, 2005)
    Contemporary painting exhibition