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  • Coorey, Benjamin; Jupp, Julie (CAADRIA and Centre for Advanced Studies in Architecture (CASA), Dept of Architecture, NUS, 2013)
    In this paper, the authors consider the problem of architectural spatial performance indicators for assessing computer generated design, where identification and analysis of meaningful and relevant spatial qualities is the ...
  • Runeson, Karl; Skitmore, Martin (Wiley-Blackwell, 2008)
    The aim ofthis chapter is to look briefly at theories in general, before concentrating on scientific theories - how they are used, structured, tested and verified. The research that usesthe kind of scientific theories we ...
  • Perin, Gavin (SAHANZ & University of South Australia, 2007)
    Panofsky promotes linear perspective as a modern scopic regime because of its capacity to maintain the visual dimensional integrity of the form it represents. Validation of this method lies implicitly around an argument ...
  • Anderson, Benedict; Medlin, Margie; Spurr, Samantha (, 2009)
    SEAM 2009 Spatial Phrases was a multi-tiered event that explored the nexus between architecture, space, film and the moving body. It included a three day symposium (18-20 September) , multiple workshops, specially commissioned ...
  • Luscombe, Desley (Queensland University and SAHANZ, 2002)
  • Obeng-Odoom, Franklin (Nova Science Publishers, 2010)
    There is considerable support for the development of the secondary mortgage market in Ghana. A secondary mortgage market, proponents argue, would be a panacea to the housing problems in Ghana. However, the studies on ...
  • Clifton-Cunningham, Alana (Vishna Collins, 2006)
  • Clifton-Cunningham, Alana (Tamworth Regional Gallery, 2008)
  • Clifton-Cunningham, Alana (Alana Clifton-Cunningham, 2008)
    Exhibition catalogue and essay
  • Lie, Stefan (Art Guide Australia (published by Print Ideas Publisher), 2006)
    The Safety Catch project invited a group of Australian designers to respond to the issue of safety and security. Their reaction was delivered through the medium of product design, the collection of responses formed the ...
  • Obeng-Odoom, Franklin; Stilwell, Frank (Liverpool University Press, 2013)
    The global campaign for secure land tenure is being championed by the international development community through the world development agencies which advocate a particular interpretation of `security of tenure?. Yet, this ...
  • Hagen, Penelope; Robertson, Toni (Design Research Society Inc., 2010)
    This paper reflects on the changing nature of participation and design in the context of social technologies and, in particular, our evolving understanding of what it means to do design. When designing social technologies ...
  • Roxburgh, Mark (University of Arts Bremen, 2005)
  • Loschke, Sandra (Royal Australian Institute of Architects, 2008)
    The Venice Architecture Biennale is held every two years in Venice, Italy and is the most important event on the international contemporary architecture calendar. Thousands of the world?s most influential architects, ...
  • Musgrave, Elizabeth.; Moulis, Antony. (2007-10-05)
    The capacity to engage with information held in drawings is vital to the study of architecture. For beginning architecture students to fully participate in this engagement requires the ability to relate to drawings in ...
  • Bunker, Raymond; Searle, Glen (Liverpool University Press, 2007)
    Recent metropolitan strategies for Melbourne (2002) and Sydney (2005) are reviewed in order to establish why they were produced, what their main proposals are and the kind of methodology used. The central question posed ...
  • Searle Glen; Byrne Jason (Carfax Publishing, 2002)
    The contemporary remaking of inner city Pyrmont-Ultimo in Sydney is analysed in terms of the visions of planners, developers, politicians and residents. Developers and government agencies selectively remembered the ...
  • Thompson, Darrall; Mcgregor, Ian (Institute for Interactive Media and Learning, 2005)
  • Pigram, David; Hall, Perry; Blasetti, Ezio (Architectural Biennial Beijing, 2010)