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  • Lee, Hae; Pollock, G; Lubek, Ian; Niemi, S; O'Brien, Kylie; Green, Mark; Bashir, Syed; Braun, E; Kros, Sarath; Huot, V; Ma, Vanna; Griffiths, Neela; Dickson, B; Pring, Noeun; Huon-Ribeil, Ks; Lim, Nathalie; Turner, John; Winkler, C; Wong, Mc; Van Merode, T; Dy, Bc; Prem, S; Idema, Roel (Sage Publications Ltd, 2010)
    Community health psychology provides a framework for local citizens themselves to systematically affect change in health and social inequalities, particularly through Participatory Action Research (PAR).
  • Ling, Steve (Scientific Research Publishing, Inc., 2011)
    This paper presents a new neural network structure and namely node-to-node-link neural network (N-N-LNN) and it is trained by real-coded genetic algorithm (RCGA) with average-bound crossover and wavelet mutation [1]. The ...
  • Simpson, Ace (Australian Psychological Society, 2010)
    Depression is an increasing problem affecting New Zealand society with enormous social costs. Determining the best form of treatment for depressive symptoms is a complex issue located in an ongoing professional debate. ...
  • Gholizadeh, Leila; Salamonson, Yenna; Parvan, Kobra; Davidson, Patricia; Hare, David; Frost, Steve; Chang, Sungwon (The British Psychological Society, 2010)
    Background: The Cardiac Depression Scale (CDS) is a disease-specific instrument for measuring depression in cardiac patients. This study was designed to validate the CDS in an Iranian population. Methods: Translation and ...
  • Jap, Budi Thomas; Fischer, Peter; Lal, Sara (Elsevier, 2010)
    The current study investigated the effect of monotonous driving on inter-hemispheric electroencephalography (EEG) coherence. Twenty-four non-professional drivers were recruited to perform a fatigue instigating monotonous ...