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  • Harrop, Stephen; Demaere, Matthew; Fairlie, W.; Reztsova, Tamara; Valenzuela, Stella; Mazzanti, Michele; Tonini, Raffaella; Qiu, Min; Jankova, Lucy; Warton, Krystyna; Bauskin, Asne; Wu, Wan; Pankhurst, Susan; Campbell, T; Breit, Samuel; Curmi, Paul (American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Inc, 2001)
    CLIC1 (NCC27) is a member of the highly conserved class of chloride ion channels that exists in both soluble and integral membrane forms. Purified CLIC1 can integrate into synthetic lipid bilayers forming a chloride channel ...
  • Tonini, Raffaella; Ferroni, A; Valenzuela, Stella; Warton, Krystyna; Campbell, T; Breit, Samuel; Mazzanti, Michele (Federation Amer Soc Exp Biol, 2000)
    NCC27 belongs to a family of small, highly conserved, organellar ion channel proteins. It is constitutively expressed by native CHO-K1 and dominantly localized to the nucleus and nuclear membrane. When CHO-K1 cells are ...
  • Valenzuela, Stella; Martin, Donald; Por, Sb; Robbins, Jm; Warton, Krystyna; Bootcov, Mr; Schofield, Penelope; Campbell, T; Breit, Samuel (Amer Soc Biochemistry Molecular Biology Inc, 1997)
    Ion channels are known to be present on the plasma membrane of virtually all cells and have been found on the membranes of various intracellular organelles. However, until recently they were believed not to occur at the ...
  • Valenzuela, Stella; Mazzanti, Michele; Tonini, Raffaella; Qiu, M; Warton, Krystyna; Musgrove, E; Campbell, T; Breit, Samuel (Cambridge Univ Press, 2000)
    1. NCC27 is a nuclear chloride ion channel, identified in the PMA-activated U937 human monocyte cell line. NCC27 mRNA is expressed in virtually all cells and tissues and the gene encoding NCC27 is also highly conserved. ...