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  • Chen, Kuo-Hsiung; Yien, Jui-Mei; Huang, Chien-Jung; Huang, Kai-Ping (Academic Journals, 2011)
    The study uses social support as a dependent variable to explore the relationship among social support, overseas adjustment and work performance of the foreign labours of high technology firms at export and processing zone ...
  • Wearing, Stephen; Darcy, Simon (UTS ePress, 2011)
    This paper highlights that tourism, due to the fact it is a multi-faceted activity and by implication its management has similar multiple contexts, often leads to the exclusion of many who are part of that tourism context. ...
  • He, Xuezhong; Shi, Lei (Blackwell, 2012)
    This paper provides a simple framework to study the effect of disagreement in a multi-asset market equilibrium by considering two agents who disagree about expected returns, variances, and correlation of returns of two ...
  • Veal, Tony (World Leisure Publications, 2012)
    The ``leisure society thesis?? was developed primarily in the 1960s and 1970s and a recent paper in the World Leisure Journal summarised the relevant literature from that period and analysed contemporary recollections of ...
  • Goodman, James (UTS ePress, 2011)
    The article explores the interaction between legal and political strategy in producing social change. It centres on a long-running dispute in Australia over whether charities can have a dominant political purpose. The focus ...