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  • Pedraza, Luis; Dissanayake, Gamini; Valls Miro, Jaime; Rodriguez-Losada, Diego; Matia, Fernando (MIT Press, 2007)
    This paper presents BS-SLAM, a simultaneous localization and mapping algorithm for use in unstructured environments that is effective regardless of whether features correspond to simple geometric primitives such as points ...
  • Patel, Miteshkumar; Valls Miro, Jaime; Dissanayake, Gamini (Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, 2010)
    Detection of individuals intentions and actions from a stream of human behaviour is an open problem. Yet for robotic agents to be truly perceived as human-friendly entities they need to respond naturally to the physical ...
  • Valls Miro, Jaime; Taha, Tarek; Wang, Dalong; Dissanayake, Gamini; Liu, Dikai (University of Technology, Sydney, 2007)
  • Zhou, Weizhen; Valls Miro, Jaime; Dissanayake, Gamini (IEEE, 2007)
    This paper presents a strategy for increasing the efficiency of simultaneous localisation and mapping (SLAM) in unknown and unstructured environments using a vision-based sensory package. Traditional feature-based SLAM, ...
  • Valls Miro, Jaime; Dumonteil, Gaultier; Beck, Christoph; Dissanayake, Gamini (IEEE, 2010)
    A generic methodology to plan increasingly stable paths for mobile platforms travelling over uneven terrain is proposed in this paper. This is accomplished by extending the Fast Marching level-set method of propagating ...
  • Mclachlan, Skye; Arblaster, Jaimal; Liu, Dikai; Valls Miro, Jaime; Chenoweth, Lynn (IEEE, 2005)
    This paper presents a multi-stage shared control method (MSSC) which can be used to control the movement of a robotic mobility assistant designed to facilitate safe mobilization for people with unstable gait. The multi-stage ...
  • Dissanayake, Gamini; Paxman, Jon; Valls Miro, Jaime; Thane, Oliver; Thi, Hue Tuan (IEEE, 2006)
    This paper describes a team of robots that are designed for urban search and rescue applications. The team CASualty consists of four tele-operated robots and one autonomous robot. A brief description of the capabilities ...
  • Taha, Tarek; Valls Miro, Jaime; Dissanayake, Gamini (IET, 2006)
  • Valls Miro, Jaime; Black, Ross; De Bruijn, Freek; Dissanayake, Gamini (IEEE, 2011)
    This paper describes a stand-alone sensor package and algorithms for aiding the assessment by an occupational therapist whether a person has the capacity to safely and effectively operate a powered mobility device such ...
  • Valls Miro, Jaime; Dissanayake, Gamini; Zhou, Weizhen (IEEE Publications, 2005)
    This paper presents a practical approach to solve the simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) problem for autonomous mobile platforms by using natural visual landmarks obtained from an stereoscopic camera. It is an ...