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  • Johnston, Andrew (Libri Publishing, 2011)
    Primarily I see myself as a musician. Certainly I?m a researcher too, but my research is with and for musicians and is inextricably bound up in the practice of performing. Research questions arise through the execution of, ...
  • Johnston, Andrew (Department of Musicology, University of Oslo Norwegian Academy of Music, 2011)
  • Johnston, Andrew (Interdisciplinary Centre for Scientific Research in Music, 2012)
    This paper describes an ongoing project to develop an interactive dance/physical theatre work entitled Encoded. The focus is on the use of motion capture and real-time fluid simulation to create systems that we hope ...
  • Johnston, Andrew; Candy, Linda; Edmonds, Ernest (Carnegie Mellon University, 2009)
    In this paper we describe an interaction framework which classifies musicians? interactions with virtual musical instruments into three modes: instrumental, ornamental and conversational. We argue that conversational ...
  • Johnston, Andrew; Clarkson, David (Interaction Design and Work Practice Laboratory (IDWoP), 2011)
    In this paper we describe ongoing work, which explores the physicality of human-computer interaction in dance works. The use of physical simulations in the interface to connect with the performer?s and audience?s lived ...
  • Johnston, Andrew; Humberstone, James (Massey University, College of Creative Arts, Institute of Communication Design, 2010)
    This paper presents findings from a trial of the interactive music software Jam2Jam in a classroom music setting. Jam2Jam is software which allows musical novices to control generative music in real time. It has an ...
  • Johnston, Andrew (Korea Advance Institute of Science and Technology, 2013)
    This paper describes an audio-visual performance system based on real-time fluid simulation. The aim is to provide a rich environment for works which blur the boundaries between dance and instrumental performance-and sound ...
  • Smith, Graeme; Johnston, Andrew (Australasian Computer Music Association, 2008)
    In this paper we present software designed to help address problems encountered by beginning guItarists, using interactive software to find effective solutions to enhance the learning process. Software can be utilised to ...
  • Johnston, Andrew; Marks, Benjamin (M I T Press, 2007)
  • Tan, Chek Tien; Johnston, Andrew; Ballard, Kirrie; Perera-Schulz, Dharani; Ferguson, Sam (ACM, 2013)
    Current speech therapy treatments are not easily accessible to the general public due to cost and demand. Therapy sessions are also laborious and maintaining motivation of patients is hard. We propose using popular games ...
  • Tan, Chek Tien; Johnston, Andrew (AAAI Press, 2011)
    Playtesting is the primary process that allows a game designer to access game quality. Current playtesting methods are often intrusive to play, involves much manual labor, and might not even portray the player's true ...