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Browsing 08 Information and Computing Sciences by Author "Cao, Jie"

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  • Wu, Zhiang; Yin, Wenpeng; Cao, Jie; Xu, Guandong; Cuzzocrea, Alfredo (Springer Berlin / Heidelberg, 2013)
    Multi-relational networks are ubiquitous in many fields such as bibliography, twitter, and healthcare. There have been many studies in the literature targeting at discovering communities from social networks. However, most ...
  • Qiao, Zhi; Huang, Guangyan; He, Jing; Zhang, Peng; Guo, Li; Cao, Jie; Zhang, Yanchun (Elsevierer, 2013)
    In this paper, we study a challenging problem of mining data generating rules and state transforming rules (i.e., semantics) underneath multiple correlated time series streams. A novel Correlation field-based Semantics ...
  • Zhao, Yanchang; Cao, Jie; Zhang, Chengqi; Zhang, Shichao (Elsevier Inc., 2011)
    We propose an enhanced grid-density based approach for clustering high dimensional data. Our technique takes objects (or points) as atomic units in which the size requirement to cells is waived without losing clustering ...
  • Wu, Zhiang; Wu, Junjie; Cao, Jie; Tao, Dacheng (ACM, 2012)
    Shilling attackers apply biased rating profiles to recommender systems for manipulating online product recommendations. Although many studies have been devoted to shilling attack detection, few of them can handle the hybrid ...
  • Xiao, Yan Shan; Liu, Bo; Cao, Longbing; Wu, Xindong; Zhang, Chengqi; Hao, Zhifeng; Yang, Fengzhao; Cao, Jie (IEEE Computer Society Press, 2009)
    SVDD has been proved a powerful tool for outlier detection. However, in detecting outliers on multi-distribution data, namely there are distinctive distributions in the data, it is very challenging for SVDD to generate a ...