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08 Information and Computing Sciences

Recent Submissions

  • Chan, Kit; Dillon, T. S.; Ling, Steve; Kwong, C. K. (IEEE, 2011)
    Fuzzy regression is a commonly used approach for modeling manufacturing processes in which the availability of experimental data is limited. Fuzzy regression can address fuzzy nature of experimental data in which fuzziness ...
  • Memon, Tasneem; Lu, Jie; Hussain, Farookh; Rauniyar, Rajan (Springer, 2013)
    The communication between cognitive DSS and data warehouse tends to be inefficient due to their contradictory knowledge/data oriented nature. Data-to-knowledge conversion requires specialized techniques, whereas knowledge-to-data ...
  • Norouzi, Mohammad; De Bruijn, Freek; Valls Miro, Jaime (Springer-Verlag, 2012)
    Rescue robots are platforms designed to operate in challenging and uneven surfaces. These robots are often equipped with manipulator arms and varying traction arrangements. As such, it is possible to reconfigure the ...
  • Jan, Mian; Nanda, Priyadarsi; He, Sean (Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, 2013)
    Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) consists of battery-powered sensor nodes which collect data and route the data to the Base Station. Centralized Cluster-based routing protocols efficiently utilize limited energy of the nodes ...
  • Li, Wen; Duan, Lixin; Xu, Dong; Tsang, Ivor (IEEE, 2011)
    Relevant and irrelevant images collected from the Web (e.g., Flickr.com) have been employed as loosely labeled training data for image categorization and retrieval. In this work, we propose a new approach to learn a ...