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  • Sufang, Guo; Padmadas, Sabu; Fengmin, Zhao; Brown, James; Stones, R (Who Press, 2007)
    Objective: To quantify the influence of increasing use of health-care services on rising rates of caesarean section in China. Methods: We used data from a population-based survey conducted by the United Nations Population ...
  • Stones, Rw; Padmadas, Ss; Guo, Sufang; Brown, James; Zhao, Fengmin; Li, Bohua (Springer, 2006)
    This study examined the prevalence of dyspareunia, urinary sensory symptoms, and urinary incontinence and explored their associations among sexually active Chinese women aged 15?34 years. Data from 3,150 women were analyzed ...
  • Balducci, Anna; Magosso, Enrico; Colombo, Gaia; Sonvico, Fabio; Abdul Karim Khan, Nurzalina; Yuen, Kah; Bettini, Ruggero; Colombo, Paolo; Rossi, Alessandra (American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists, 2013)
    Artemisinin, a poorly water-soluble antimalarial drug, presents a low and erratic bioavailability upon oral administration. The aim of this work was to study an agglomerated powder dosage form for oral administration of ...
  • Reuter, Sandra; Connor, Thomas; Barquist, Lars; Walker, Danielle; Harris, Simon; Fookes, M; Hall, Minquette; Petty, Nico; Fuchs, Thilo; Corander, Jukka; Dofour, Muriel; Ringwood, Tamara; Savin, Cyril; Bouchier, Christine; Martin, Liliane; Miettinen, Minna; Shubin, Mikail; Riehm, Julia; Laukkanen-Ninios, Rikka; Sihvoven, Leila; Siitonen, Anja; Skurnik, Mikael; Pfrimer Falc?O, Juliana; Fukushima, Hiroshi; Scholz, Holger; Prentice, Michael; Wren, Brendan; Parkhill, Julian; Carniel, Elisabeth; Achtman,; Mcnally, Alan; Thomson, N (The National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 2014)
    The genus Yersinia has been used as a model system to study pathogen evolution. Using whole-genome sequencing of all Yersinia species, we delineate the gene complement of the whole genus and define patterns of virulence ...
  • Hodge, A; Hugman, A; Varndell, Wayne; Howes, K (Elsevier, 2013)
    Triage is a critical component in the delivery of time-sensitive emergency care. Decision-making and the activity of the triage nurse affect patient access to care and allocation of emergency department (ED) resources. It ...