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  • Smith, Renee; Jeffries, Thomas; Roudnew, Ben; Seymour, Justin; Fitch, Alison; Simons, Keryn; Speck, Peter; Newton, Kelly; Brown, Melissa; Mitchell, James (Wiley, 2013)
    Knowledge about viral diversity and abundance in deep groundwater reserves is limited. We found that the viral community inhabiting a deep confined aquifer in South Australia was more similar to reclaimed water communities ...
  • Seymour, Justin; Doblin, Martina; Jeffries, Thomas; Brown, Mark; Newton, Kelly; Ralph, Peter; Baird, Mark; Mitchell, James (Wiley, 2012)
    Different oceanographic provinces host discrete microbial assemblages that are adapted to local physicochemical conditions. We sequenced and compared the metagenomes of two microbial communities inhabiting adjacent water ...
  • Smith, Renee; Jeffries, Thomas; Adetutu, Em; Fairweather, Pg; Mitchell, John (Public Library Science, 2013)
    The functional dynamics of microbial communities are largely responsible for the clean-up of hydrocarbons in the environment. However, knowledge of the distinguishing functional genes, known as the metabolic footprint, ...
  • Smith, Renee; Jeffries, Thomas; Roudnew, Ben; Fitch, Alison; Seymour, Justin; Delpin, Marina; Newton, Kelly; Brown, Melissa; Mitchell, James (Wiley-Blackwell Publishing Ltd., 2012)
    A metagenomic analysis of two aquifer systems located under a dairy farming region was performed to examine to what extent the composition and function of microbial communities varies between confined and surface-influenced ...
  • Jeffries, Thomas; Seymour, Justin; Gilbert, Jack; Dinsdale, Elizabeth; Newton, Kelly; Leterme, Sophie; Roudnew, Ben; Smith, Renee; Seuront, Laurent; Mitchell, James (Public library of Science, 2011)
    Environmental parameters drive phenotypic and genotypic frequency variations in microbial communities and thus control the extent and structure of microbial diversity. We tested the extent to which microbial community ...