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  • Rafiei, Ali; Abolhasan, Mehran; Franklin, Daniel; Safaei, Farzad (IEEE, 2011)
    Abstract - Physical damage and/or node power exhaustion may lead to coverage holes in WSNs. Coverage holes can be directly detected by certain proximate nodes known as boundary nodes (B-nodes). Due to the sensor nodes ...
  • Koppi, Tony; Edwards, Sylvia; Sheard, Judy; Naghdy, Fazel; Brookes, Wayne (Australian Computer Society, 2010)
    An online survey of recent ICT graduates in the workplace was carried out as part of a recent project funded by the Australian Learning and Teaching Council. The survey was concerned with the ICT curriculum in relation to ...
  • Yu, Dong; Nanda, Priyadarsi; Braun, Robin (IEEE Computer Society, 2011)
    Wireless network Simulation is challenging due to the effect of the dynamic and fading channel. The task is even more challenging in Wireless Sensor Network (WSN), adding the factor of energy source limitation. Validating ...
  • Abedin, Mohammed; Sanagavarapu, Ananda (IEEE, 2010)
    Imaging of malignant tissues at early stage is a challenging problem because of higher tissue heterogeneities create clutter signature very similar to the response from tumour. This requires a powerful imaging algorithm ...
  • Momani, Mohammad; Challa, Subhash; Al-Hmouz, Rami (IEEE, 2008)
    In this paper we extend our previously designed trust model in wireless sensor networks to include both; communication trust and data trust. Trust management in wireless sensor networks is predominantly based on routing ...