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  • Scheurer, Mathias; Arnold, Matthew; Setiadi, Jeffry; Ford, Michael (American Chemical Society, 2012)
    The damping of plasmons due to structural disorder may have important practical consequences. Here, we use spherical harmonic expansions to quantify the damping of plasmons of ensembles of closely coupled sphere chains ...
  • Sturmberg, B.C.P.; Dossou, Kokou; Botten, Lindsay; Asatryan, Ara; Poulton, Christopher; De, C.M.; Mcphedran, R.C. (Optical Society of America, 2011)
    We analyze the absorption of solar radiation by silicon nanowire arrays, which are being considered for photovoltaic applications. These structures have been shown to have enhanced absorption compared with thin films, ...
  • Jay, Keshava; Chaumet, Patrick; Langtry, Timothy; Rahmani, Adel (SPIE - International Society for Optical Engineering, 2010)
    An ensemble of spherical particles with arbitrary dielectric permittivity and magnetic penneability was considered in the dipole approximation. Each particle was described by complex electric and magnetic polarizabilities. ...
  • Cortie, Michael; Giddings, Jye; Dowd, Annette (Iop Publishing Ltd, 2010)
    We examine the optical properties of nanostructures comprised of titanium nitride, TiN, an electrically conducting intermetallic-like compound. This material can be deposited in the form of durable films by physical vapor ...
  • Glud, Ronnie; Woelfel, Jana; Karsten, Ulf; Kuhl, Michael; Rysgaard, Soren (Walter De Gruyter & Co, 2009)
    The current database on benthic microalgal production in Arctic waters comprises 10 peer-reviewed and three unpublished studies. Here, we compile and discuss these datasets, along with the applied measurement approaches ...