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  • Haddad, Azzam; Su, Steven; Celler, Branko; Nguyen, Hung (Acta Press, 2012)
    Interval training is an effective method of improving aerobic function and cardiovascular fitness. Heart rate (HR) and oxygen uptake (VO2) are major indicators of human cardiovascular response to exercises. This study ...
  • Wang, Lu; Su, Steven; Chan, G.S.H.; Celler, Branko (Medicine and Biology Society, 2007)
    A mathematical model, based on our previous pulsatile nonlinear multi-element cardiovascular model, was tested and improved to study cardiovascular response under graded exercise levels. Ten healthy subjects were studied ...
  • Su, Steven; Wang, Lu; Celler, Branko; Savkin, Andrey; Guo, Ying (IEEE, 2006)
    This paper proposes a novel integrated approach for the identification and control of Hammerstein systems to achieve desired heart rate tracking performance for an automated treadmill system. The pseudo-random binary ...
  • Weng, Kaili; Zhang, Yi; Haddad, Azzam; Celler, Branko; Su, Steven; Guo, Ying; Nguyen, Hung; Nguyen, Nghia (ASME Press, 2011)
    One of the advantages of using more than one actuator and multi-loop control structure for the control of a single output variable is its potential to tolerate system failures. Based on the analysis of the steady state ...
  • Zhang, Yi; Haddad, Azzam; Su, Steven; Celler, Branko; Nguyen, Hung (Acta Press, 2012)
    This paper investigated human heart rate (HR) and oxygen uptake (VO2) dynamics to running exercise and developed an electronic circuitry based mathematical model to quantitatively depict the metabolic and energy-generating ...
  • Cheng, Teddy; Savkin, Andrey; Su, Steven; Celler, Branko; Wang, Lu (IEEE, 2008)
    In this study, a control design is proposed for the tracking control of heart rate response during treadmill exercise. The controller tracks an exercisera??s heart rate to a given heart rate profile, that may represent ...