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  • Hawryszkiewycz, Igor (Queensland University of Technology, 2011)
    The paper proposes an open approach to modeling to cater for the emerging trend to complex adaptive systems. Such systems are seen as collections of people, programs, computers and other physical objects that must coexist ...
  • O'Callaghan, Simon; Singh, Surya; Alempijevic, Alen; Ramos, Fabio (IEEE, 2011)
    Abstract?Observing human motion patterns is informative for social robots that share the environment with people. This paper presents a methodology to allow a robot to navigate in a complex environment by observing pedestrian ...
  • Er, Michael; Lawrence, Elaine (University of Maribor, 2011)
    An information system delivers support for decision making; however the physical constraints associated with mobile work often means that such support is limited. Despite the limitations, mobile workers manage to get work ...
  • Wu, Qiang; Jia, Wenjing; He, Sean; Wang, William (Image and Vision Computing New Zealand, 2011)
    In this paper, we propose a training free license plate detection method. We use a challenging benchmark dataset for license plate detection. Unlike many existing approaches, the proposed approach is a training free ...
  • Lowe, David; Mujkanovic, Amir; Guetl, Christian; Kostulski, Thorsten (International Association of Online Engineering, 2011)
    Group/Team formation has been a well studied field in numerous contexts, (i.e. business teams, project teams, educational teams etc.) but have barely been considered within the scope of remote laboratories. Formation of ...