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  • Li, Yangxi; Geng, Bo; Tao, Dacheng; Zha, Zheng-Jun; Yang, Linjun; Xu, Chao (IEEE-inst Electrical Electronics Engineers Inc, 2012)
    Existing image retrieval systems suffer from a performance variance for different queries. Severe performance variance may greatly degrade the effectiveness of the subsequent query-dependent ranking optimization algorithms, ...
  • Luo, Yong; Tao, Dacheng; Geng, Bo; Xu, Chao; Maybank, Stephen (IEEE-Inst Electrical Electronics Engineers Inc, 2013)
    It is a significant challenge to classify images with multiple labels by using only a small number of labeled samples. One option is to learn a binary classifier for each label and use manifold regularization to improve ...
  • Luo, Yong; Tao, Dacheng; Xu, C; Xu, Chao; Liu, Hong; Wen, Yg (IEEE-Inst Electrical Electronics Engineers Inc, 2013)
    In computer vision, image datasets used for classification are naturally associated with multiple labels and comprised of multiple views, because each image may contain several objects (e.g., pedestrian, bicycle, and tree) ...
  • Geng, Bo; Li, Yangxi; Tao, Dacheng; Wang, Meng; Zha, Zheng-Jun; Xu, Chao (IEEE, 2012)
    Existing video concept detectors are generally built upon the kernel based machine learning techniques, e.g., support vector machines, regularized least squares, and logistic regression, just to name a few. However, in ...
  • Li, Yangxi; Geng, Bo; Yang, Linjun; Xu, Chao; Bian, Wei (Elsevier Science Bv, 2012)
    Query difficulty estimation predicts the performance of the search result of the given query. It is a powerful tool for multimedia retrieval and receives increasing attention. It can guide the pseudo relevance feedback to ...
  • Shi, Miaojing; Xu, Ruixin; Tao, Dacheng; Xu, Chao (IEEE-Inst Electrical Electronics Engineers Inc, 2013)
    The bag-of-visual-words representation has been widely used in image retrieval and visual recognition. The most time-consuming step in obtaining this representation is the visual word generation, i.e., assigning visual ...