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  • Ma, Jun; Zhang, Guangquan; Lu, Jie (Springer Verlag, 2011)
    Decider is a Fuzzy Hierarchical Multiple Criteria Group Decision Support System (FHMC-GDSS) designed for dealing with subjective, in particular linguistic, information and objective information simultaneously to support ...
  • Zhang, Guoli; Zhang, Guangquan; Gao, Ya; Lu, Jie (Atlantis Press, 2010)
    This chapter introduces basic concepts relating to a day-ahead market in a power system. A load dispatch model considers a ramp rate and valve-point-loading effects. An environment/economic load dispatch model is presented ...
  • Zhang, Guangquan; Lu, Jie; Lu, Philip (Springer, 2010)
    In real world applications, interested concepts are more likely to change rather than remain stable, which is known as concept drift. This situation causes problems on predictions for many learning algorithms including ...
  • Nikodem, Jan; Nikodem, Maciej; Woda, Marek; Klempous, Ryszard; Chaczko, Zenon (InTech, 2010)
    Chapter 7 introduces a relational model that represents the dependences between nodes of the network and defines the actions of these nodes in different situations. Based on this model, communication activities of the ...
  • Su, Guo Xin; Ying, Mingsheng; Zhang, Chengqi (Springer, 2010)
    A rigorous paradigm coordinating components is important in the design stage of large-scale software engineering. In this paper we propose a new Architecture Description Language, called ACDL, to represent the centralized-mode ...