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  • Moran, Ken; Wuhrer, Ric (Springer Wien, 2006)
    Electron beam induced quantitative X-ray mapping has become a very useful characterisation tool for determining the elemental distribution in materials, whether using energy dispersive spectroscopy or wavelength dispersive ...
  • Bakar, Michelle; Moran, Ken; Yeung, Wing; Wuhrer, Ric (Institute of Materials Engineering Australasia, 2006)
    Advanced metal laminates have experienced rapid development in functional engineering applications. I this study, copper/aluminium metal laminates were produced by the roll bonding technique at 430C with a critical 40% ...
  • Mansell, Matthew; Heness, Gregory; Yeung, Wing (Institute of Materials Engineering Australasia Ltd, 2005)
    It is known that an enrichment of metallic elements in the oxide layer of aluminium foils may significantly affect their surface properties. Elemental compositions at various depths of the newly developed 8150 aluminium ...
  • Janotka, Ivan; Ray, Abhi; Samarin, Aleksander (Concrete Institute of Australia, 2003)
  • Moezzi, Amir; Mcdonagh, Andrew; Dowd, Annette; Cortie, Michael (Amer Chemical Soc, 2013)
    The synthesis of nanocrystalline ZnO by thermal decomposition of zinc hydroxyacetate, Zn-5(OH)(8)(CH3CO2)(2)center dot nH(2)O, was investigated. The decomposition process was examined using X-ray diffraction, thermogravimetric ...
  • Moezzi, Amir; Mcdonagh, Andrew; Cortie, Michael (Elsevier Science Sa, 2012)
    Zinc oxide powder has traditionally been used as a white pigment and as an additive to rubber. While it has largely been displaced as a pigment in paints, its usage in rubber remains very important. However, the myriad of ...