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  • Farrar, Patricia (2007-08-06)
    Qualitative researchers, by the very nature of their endeavours, are likely to undertake projects which involve exploration into the intimate crevices of people’s lives. Feminist research further plumbs the depths of such ...
  • Stephenson, Niamh (2007-08-06)
    Memory-work was original devised by Haug and others (1987) who explained the method to an English speaking audience in Female Sexualization: A collective work of memory. In this paper, I consider the rationale for and the ...
  • Small, Jennie. (2007-08-06)
  • Mitchell, Patricia.; Rocco, Sharn.; Gannon, Susanne.; Onyx, Jenny.; McCormack, Coralie.; Koutroulis, Glenda.; Ingleton, Christine.; O'Regan, Kerry.; Small, Jennie.; Cadman, Kate.; Friend, Lorraine. (2007-08-06)
    The use of memory-work as a qualitative method in feminist social research is well established in Australia and New Zealand. Memory-work, though, still brings with it many theoretical and methodological dilemmas and issues. ...
  • Small, Jennie. (2007-08-06)
    This paper looks at the issue of researching different age groups using the research method, memory-work. Four age groups have been studied: 12 years, 20 years, 40 years, and 65+ years, in an investigation of women’s and ...