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  • Donelson, Jennifer Marie; Munday, Pl (Wiley-blackwell, 2012)
    1. Short-term measures of metabolic responses to warmer environments are expected to indicate the sensitivity of species to regional warming. However, given time, species may be able to acclimate to increasing temperature. ...
  • Miller, Gm; Watson, S; Donelson, Jennifer Marie; Mccormick, Mi; Munday, Pl (Nature Publishing Group, 2012)
    Carbon dioxide concentrations in the surface ocean are increasing owing to rising CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere(1). Higher CO2 levels are predicted to affect essential physiological processes of many aquatic ...
  • Donelson, Jennifer Marie; Mccormick, Mi; Munday, Pl (Elsevier Science Bv, 2008)
    Parents can exert a range of non-genetic effects on the growth and survival of their offspring. In particular, parents may modify the size or condition of their offspring depending on the amount of energy they have available ...
  • Clifton, J; Etienne, M; Barnes, David; Barnes, Richard; Suggett, David; Smith, David (Elsevier Sci Ltd, 2012)
    The marine assets of Seychelles are fundamental to the national economy through generating income derived from tourism and fisheries. Marine management institutions and policies have undergone radical changes since 2008, ...
  • Moore, Cm; Mills, Mm; Achterberg, Ep; Geider, Rj; Laroche, J; Lucas, Mi; Mcdonagh, El; Pan, X; Poulton, Aj; Rijkenberg, Mja; Suggett, David; Ussher, Sj; Woodward, Ems (Nature Publishing Group, 2009)
    Oceanic fixed-nitrogen concentrations are controlled by the balance between nitrogen fixation and denitrification(1-4). A number of factors, including iron limitation(5-7), can restrict nitrogen fixation, introducing the ...