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  • Rickelt, Lars; Askaer, Louise; Walpersdorf, E; Elberling, Bo; Glud, Ronnie; Kuhl, Michael (American Society of Agronomy, 2013)
    Long-term measurements of molecular oxygen (O2) dynamics in wetlands are highly relevant for understanding the eff ects of water level changes on net greenhouse gas budgets in these ecosystems. However, such measurements ...
  • Elzer, Amanda; Pike, David; Webb, Jonathan; Hammill, Kate; Bradstock, Ross; Shine, Richard (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 2013)
    Fire-induced changes in canopy openness may affect sunlight penetration to the forest floor, and thus the operative temperatures available to terrestrial ectotherms. We examined thermal regimes for two types of ectotherms: ...
  • Luo, Qunying; Wen, Li; Mcgregor, John; Timbal, Bertrand (Springer, 2013)
    This study aims to evaluate the performance of two mainstream downscaling techniques: statistical and dynamical downscaling and to compare the differences in their projection of future climate change and the resultant ...
  • Monteiro, Antonio; Fava, Francesco; Goncalves, Joao; Huete, Alfredo; Gusmeroli, Fausto; Parolo, Gilberto; Spano, Donatela; Bocchi, Stefano (Springer Netherlands, 2013)
    In the Southern Alps, the role of landscape context on meadows plant diversity was evaluated using a multi-model information theoretic approach and five competing hypotheses of landscape context factors: habitat quality ...
  • Gladstone, William; Curley, Belinda; Shokri, Mohammad (Pergamon, 2013)
    The Gulf and Red Sea possess diverse coastal and marine environments that support rapidly expanding mass tourism. Despite the associated environmental risks, there is no analysis of the tourism-related literature or recent ...