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  • Spence, Alistair; Poulton, Christopher (Kluwer, 2003)
    We present an extension of the well-known method of 'inverse iteration' for the standard eigenvalue problem to the nonlinear problem of finding dispersion relations for electromagnetic waves moving through a doublyperiodic ...
  • Poulton, Christopher; Mcphedran, Ross; Nicorovici, Nicolae; Botten, Lindsay (Kluwer, 2003)
    We describe a method for the calculation of Green's functions for an array of dielectric cylinders. The method is to first construct quasi-periodic Green?s functions, with Bloch vector kB. This function also obeys the ...
  • Zalipaev, Victor; Movchan, Alexander; Poulton, Christopher; Mcphedran, Ross (Kluwer, 2002)
    We study the propagation of elastic waves in a two-dimensional solid containing a doubly periodic array of circular holes. The method of multipoles expansions is employed here, so that it takes into account a coupling ...
  • Poulton, Christopher; Guenneau, Sebastien; Nicolet, Andre; Movchan, Alexander (Kluwer, 2003)
    We present here an analysis of electromagnetic waves propagating through a doubly periodic array of inclusions which are not necessarily circular. A small perturbation to a circular boundary is introduced, and this can be ...
  • Servant, Jean-Pierre; Guenneau, Sebastien; Movchan, Alexander; Poulton, Christopher (Kluwer, 2003)
    In this paper, we analyse the propagation of elastodynamic waves in a circular cylinder in the case of oblique incidence. We use a scattering matrix approach and derive an algebraic linear system which allows us to get a ...