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  • Cortie, Michael; Maaroof, Abbas; Smith, Geoff (World Gold Council, 2005)
    The surfaces of nanoscale gold particles and components are oxide-free under normal ambient conditions. This unusual attribute permits the exploration of microstructures and functionalities that would not be feasible for ...
  • Liu, Jian; Maaroof, Abbas; Wieczorek, Lech; Cortie, Michael (Wiley-V C H Verlag Gmbh, 2005)
    Cap-shaped metal nanoparticles (see Figure) have optical spectra with significant absorption in the infrared. Such shapes, produced by physical vapor deposition onto a polymer-particle template, can be readily separated ...
  • Mortari, Alessia; Maaroof, Abbas; Martin, Donald; Cortie, Michael (Elsevier, 2007)
    he use of mesoporous gold as electrode material for measurement of electrochemical capacitance is investigated. The electrodes possess a pore size in the range of 10-30nm and are prepared by de-alloying films of AuAl"x, ...
  • Cortie, Michael; Maaroof, Abbas; Stokes, Nicholas; Mortari, Alessia (CSIRO, 2007)
    Mesoporous gold sponge may be prepared by the removal of aluminium from AuAl2 by an alkaline leach. The resulting material has nanosclae pores and channels, with a high specific surface area that can be exploited in ...
  • Supansomboon, S; Maaroof, Abbas; Cortie, Michael (World Gold Council, 2008)
    "Purple glory": the optical properties and technology of AuAi2 coatings
  • Kealley, Catherine; Cortie, Michael; Maaroof, Abbas; Xu, Xiaoda (Royal Soc Chemistry, 2009)
    We have investigated the colour gamut of coatings produced by the growth of plasmonically-active coatings of cap-shaped Au or Ag nanoparticles on a transparent substrate. The control of colour and spectral selectivity that ...