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  • Kan, Dougal; Marshall, Graham; Botten, Lindsay; Asatryan, Ara; Withford, Michael (IEEE, 2007)
    The efect of cladding region on coupling transversely-launched light into the core of a photonic crystal fibre (pcf) is studied experimentally and using a multipole based computer model. The model verifies the experimental ...
  • Dartnall, William; Reizes, John (American Society of Mechanical Engineering, 2007)
    In a recently developed simple particle mechanics model, in which a single particle represents the working fluid, (gas) in a heat engine, (exemplified by a piston engine) a new approach was outlined for the teaching of ...
  • Marshall, Graham; Ams, Martin; Little, Doug; Jovanovic, Nemanja; Fuerbach, Alex; Dekker, Peter; Rahmani, Adel; Dawes, Judith; Piper, Jim; Withford, Michael (IEEE, 2007)
    Ultrafast laser direct write micro-fabrication has emerged as a significant enabling technology creating new opportunities in microphotonics. The talk will present recent results of the performance of laser written ...
  • Gentle, Angus; Maaroof, Abbas; Cortie, Michael; Smith, Geoff (SPIE, 2007)
    Vanadium dioxide udergoes a reversible metal-insulator phase transition at about 68 degrees C. Cooatings iof this compound are reflective in the infrared above this temperature, and transmissive or absorptive below it, ...
  • Marks, Benjamin; Steel, Michael; Rahmani, Adel (IEEE, 2008)
    We present a rigorous numerical study of the sub-wavelength focusing of electromagnetic waves using a time-reversal mirror, and show that the diffraction limit can be overcome in the optical domain.
  • Schwefel, H; Poulton, Christopher; Wang, L (IEEE/LEOS, 2008)
    A novel and numerically efficient multipole formulation for the calculation of resonances of photonic molecules is presented. Photonic molecules are often modeled as two dimensional coupled dielectric disks. We use the ...
  • Prill Sempere, L; Schmidt, Markus; Tyagi, H; Poulton, Christopher; Russell, P (IEEE/LEOS, 2008)
    Metallic nanowire arrays are created by pumping molten metal into the hollow channels of silica glass PCF. Measurements show that, at certain wavelengths, the core-guided light couples to leaky surface plasmon modes on the ...
  • Le Gac, Gaelle; Rahmani, Adel; Seassal, Christian; Picard, Emmanuel; Hadji, Emmanuel; Callard, Segolene (IEEE, 2008)
    Near-field probe was used to tune the resonance wavelength of a linear cavity. Theoritical and experimental study are presented to show the effect of the probe material on the cavity resonance
  • Dorrell, David (IEEE, 2009)
    This paper puts forward a model for assessing UMP due to rotor eccentricity in cage induction motors that takes into account axial variation in the eccentricity. It is tested using 10-pole and 4-pole machines with some ...
  • Alonso Martin, Hector; Revel, Alex; Huynh, Phuoc (AGH University of Science and Technology Press, 2009)
    ABSTRACT. Experiments have been performed to investigate the heat loss and evaporation rate from an open-top tank of heated water that is also agitated vigorously by air bubbling through it. High consumption of electrical ...
  • Chaczko, Zenon; Klempous, Ryszard (AIP Conference Proceedings, 2010)
    Anticipatory, multi-agents based and biology inspired middleware for resource constrained systems such as the sensornets is able to provide infrastructure oriented services with anticipatory system properties such as: (1) ...
  • Bonnie, Fadi; Arnold, Matthew; Smith, Geoff; Gentle, Angus (SPIE, 2013)
    The optical resonances that occur in nanostructured metal layers are modulated in thin film stacks if the nanostructured layer is separate from a reflecting conducting layer by various thickness of thin dielectric.
  • Li, Yong Jian; Yang, Qing Xin; Wang, You; Zhu, Jianguo; Lin, Zhi Wei (IEEE, 2013)
    In this paper, core loss features of soft magnetic composite (SMC) material from 5 Hz to 1000 Hz have been properly measured and discussed under alternating and three dimensional (3-D) rotational magnetizations. The ...