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  • Mcbean, Katie; Drouin, Dominique; Phillips, Matt (Cambridge University Press, 2006)
    Zinc oxide (ZnO) is a wide band-gap (3.37 eV) semiconductor with a large exciton binding energy of 60 meV. Because of these properties, ZnO is a good candidate for a wide range of applications, including varistors, phosphors ...
  • Cortie, Michael; Mcbean, Katie; Elcombe, Margaret (Elsevier Science Bv, 2006)
    The shape and structure of the shells of molluscs has attracted considerable attention. One aspect of interest is the comparatively high resistance to fracture of these shells. It is known that they are composite structures ...
  • Liu, Jian; Mcbean, Katie; Harris, Nadine; Cortie, Michael (Elsevier Science Sa, 2007)
    Suspensions of mesoscale gold half-shells of controlled size were produced by microsphere-templated vapour deposition and their optical proper-ties were studied. The transmission spectra of the particles exhibited an ...
  • Mcbean, Katie; Goldys, Ewa; Phillips, Matt (Cambridge Univ Press, 2006)
    Zinc oxide (ZnO) nanoparticles have been produced using precipitation methods from ethanolic solution. Rare-earth metal doping was performed, and the effect of lithium codoping on the luminescence properties of the rare-earth ...