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  • Botten, Lindsay; Mcphedran, Ross; De Sterke, C; Nicorovici, Nicolae; Asatryan, Ara; Smith, Geoff; White, Thomas; Fussell, David; Kuhlmey, Boris; Langtry, Tim (Taylor & Francis, 2006)
  • Hutton, Brian; Braun, Michael; Slomka, P (Springer, 2006)
    Neclear medicine has a long tradition of incorporating quantitative analysis in its diagnostic procedures. Until recently, the analysis was based on radionuclide images as the sole input although the importance of the ...
  • Spence, Alistair; Poulton, Christopher (Kluwer, 2003)
    We present an extension of the well-known method of 'inverse iteration' for the standard eigenvalue problem to the nonlinear problem of finding dispersion relations for electromagnetic waves moving through a doublyperiodic ...
  • Poulton, Christopher; Mcphedran, Ross; Nicorovici, Nicolae; Botten, Lindsay (Kluwer, 2003)
    We describe a method for the calculation of Green's functions for an array of dielectric cylinders. The method is to first construct quasi-periodic Green?s functions, with Bloch vector kB. This function also obeys the ...
  • Zalipaev, Victor; Movchan, Alexander; Poulton, Christopher; Mcphedran, Ross (Kluwer, 2002)
    We study the propagation of elastic waves in a two-dimensional solid containing a doubly periodic array of circular holes. The method of multipoles expansions is employed here, so that it takes into account a coupling ...
  • Blaber, Martin; Cortie, Michael; Ford, Mike (CRC Press, 2010)
    Although gold is well down on the periodic table, at position 79, it was the first of the metals to be discovered and exploited by humans. This was almost certainly as a result of it possessing four unique attributes: a ...
  • Poulton, Christopher; Guenneau, Sebastien; Nicolet, Andre; Movchan, Alexander (Kluwer, 2003)
    We present here an analysis of electromagnetic waves propagating through a doubly periodic array of inclusions which are not necessarily circular. A small perturbation to a circular boundary is introduced, and this can be ...
  • Servant, Jean-Pierre; Guenneau, Sebastien; Movchan, Alexander; Poulton, Christopher (Kluwer, 2003)
    In this paper, we analyse the propagation of elastodynamic waves in a circular cylinder in the case of oblique incidence. We use a scattering matrix approach and derive an algebraic linear system which allows us to get a ...